"No Touch" HR Technology for Georgia School Systems that  Integrates with PC Genesis, MUNIS and more.

We are excited to offer 3 powerful technologies to School Systems in Georgia - Automated Contract Management, Onboarding, and Experience Verification. Our intention was to design a set of affordable tools that can be implemented quickly, specifically for Georgia School Systems. Whatever your top concern is right now, we hope you'll take a look below, and get in touch with any questions!

All modules include UNLIMITED access to support and training! Make one call to Clear Concepts, no matter which module you need help with.

Module #1: Automated Contract Management

Send contracts to all employees or groups of employees with the press of a button using our Contract Management tool! It supports different contracts to different types of employees (like teachers, administrators, 49%, ROTC, etc). It also routes contracts for signature by Superintendent or Representative, and the  HR Admin Dashboard allows for tracking of all contracts, whether signed and returned, unreturned, or declined.

Module #3: Experience Verification

Ditch even more paper and time-consuming manual processes with our automated experience verification tool. Invite new hires to login securely, enter all past employment and send requests for verification. Responding districts complete and sign verifications electronically, and HR can see what's complete and what's missing at a glance.

Automation you can afford

We are happy to offer you all 3 modules together, a-la-carte, or in any combination that addresses your needs. Technology is a fantastic (and completely appropriate) use of CARES Act funds. Whether you'd like to use that money or not, we can work with you to make it happen!



$13 - $15


COMING SOON: The 4th module in our HR Technology Suite, "HR Central," is the solution to all your HRIS needs. Along with the Employee Self Service feature, this module allows you to house all your employee information in one place and easily manage documents. Want more information? Click the button at the bottom of this page!

BONUS OFFER: State Health Bill Auditing Free for 3 Months

We've created  a new service that will help you uncover and record discrepancies between your Payroll Deduction File and your itemized State Health Bill. We produce a Discrepancy Report and Branded Reconciliation template you can use to guide your actual payments to State Health and/or keep on file in case of a State Health Audit. Click the "LET'S DO THIS" button below if you are interested in using this service free for 3 months and giving us your feedback!

Ready to roll?

To get started with any of the No Touch HR Technology modules or sign up for your free 3 month State Health Audit, click below!

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